What a fun day it was

When my sister was going through cancer treatment often times her white blood cell count was insanely low, which prevented us from having other kids over to play very often. If one of them had any trace of a cold it could be devastating for my sister. But that all changed when she went into remission. Oh what an amazing piece of news that was!

I can remember a pool party we had after that so vividly. A friend my sister made at the hospital, Matt, and his mom came over. A couple of friends of mine from school also came over. We all swam in our above ground pool. It was warm, but not too hot that day, and sunny.

We had all kinds of pool toys! Various floating rafts, that ring toss game where the rings sink to the bottom; super soaker guns.

My mom served cut up fruit and this amazing sweet dip she makes to go with it. We all sat on the deck, snacked, and let the sun dry us off. Everyone was smiling. Our dogs played together. It was really fun.

Freedom from the hospital and good health never tasted so sweet.

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